We are experts in the field of Time and Attendance. Below are some of the features you can expect from our extensive software at a nominal cost:

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• No limit to the number of employees managed
• Custom defined fields
• Quick search using name, surname, employee number and/or id number
• Bulk import (including Sagem fingerprints), excellent for new installations
• Bulk export (to remote sites, including Sagem fingerprints)
• Advanced grouping according to personal details (including custom fields)
• Photo’s are captured per employee or loaded from existing file

Daily Exceptions

• Listing all missing clockings, absence and days with excessive short time
• Double click on an entry to apply any manual edits


• Unlimited categories (normal time, overtime, short time, night allowance etc)
• Transfer of overtime to make up normal time (daily and/or weekly)
• Optional overtime authorisation or declining OT (for any overtime category), one can force the operator to type in a comment for all hours authorised
• Option of approving of periodic summary, periodic totals and/or departmental totals before exporting to payroll easily implemented
• Caters for afternoon and night allowances with custom rules applied
• Rounding of daily and/or periodic time calculations


• Unlimited number of shifts
• Cater for very complex shift rule requirements
• Any shift applied per employee or group of employees
• Any and all break types (lunch, tea, toilet), paid or unpaid
• Daily and periodic calculations using rules and/or formulae
• Bonus times are achievable under certain conditions (public holiday, call outs)
• Shifts exceeding 24 hours are catered for
• Grace times and ignoring of time clocked before shift start is easily managed
• Automatic shift allocation (shift sensing)
• No need for dedicated ‘In’ and ‘Out’ readers. Only one reader required
• Bulk shift & pay group changes for any group of employees


• Automatic import and calculation of clockings
• Rounding of clockings, daily and/or periodic
• Interfaces with existing access control systems importing clocking transactions
• Add, delete or modify any clockings (audited and easily differentiated)
• Bulk addition of clockings
• Unlimited number of clockings per day
• Able to ignore duplicate clockings (clocking ‘In’ or ‘Out’ multiple times)
• Optional clocking groups (different T&A devices for different groups of employees)
• Optionally use the first and last clocking of the day (ignoring in between clockings)


• Late arrival, early departure and short time calculations
• Any type of manual adjustment for all time away from work
• Bulk adjustments for any employee(s) for any given date range


• Unlimited users all working concurrently
• Limit users to WHO they can view
• Limit users to WHO they can edit
• Limit users to WHAT functions they can perform in the software
• Limit users to set REPORTS they can view
• Enforce the expiry of the login password after a certain time period
• Enforce varying password complexity (Case, Digits, Special Characters, Length)


• Multiple employee reminders (medical exams, fork lift licenses etc)
• Acknowledgment of all reminders window
• Ability to remove employees access if reminder is not acknowledged

Pay Groups

• Multiple weekly, monthly, biweekly or any date-varying pay groups
• Custom formulae and rules applied to periodic totals with optional conditions
• Flexi-time (balance brought forward, current and time carried forward)
• Automatic calculation of periodic time needed per month


• Report creator (create your own reports)
• E-mail any report at any time to any recipients
• E-mail any report by automatic schedule
• Export to excel
• Print to PDF format
• Daily and/or period totals displayed in hours or decimal format

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• Effortless integration to payroll with file Export Creator
• Recommended by Sage VIP (SA’s leading payroll and HR service provider)

Access Control

• Multiple access groups, each assigning any group of entry locations to any employee during specific times
• Option of 4 concurrent employee access groups (Scheduled access to specific areas)
• Option to deny access to site if employee is late (Interrupting the assembly line)
• Access to site can be automatically denied after certain inactivity periods
• Automatic e-mail notifications sent for any devices which go on/offline


• Developed in South Africa
• Free updates available
• Daily database backup to a safe location (e.g. another PC on the network)
• Full audit trail , including user who perform the action
• Up-to-date on screen ‘In or Out’ register
• Caters for any public holidays (add or delete public holidays as they change)
• Summary View window to provide immediate access to clockings and totals
• Able to import and export work rules for off-site e-mail support requirements

Integrated with the following hardware platforms:

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